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Cause safer passwords are better passwords.

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    • 1.4
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    [KL] Password Tools


    This modification mostly follows the principles of Dan Wheelers password strength estimator zxcvbn. It does not weight password strength by their combination of upper/lower letters, special characters and numbers, but on how easy they are to crack in reality.

    To increase the safety of your users account, you can force them to use passwords of a minimum length, minimum strength and even force them to exclude certain words from their passwords (like your site name, the topic your site refers to, etc.).

    • Show users how strong their passwords really are when it comes to crack-attempts
    • Deliver instant feedback if password and password-confirm match and/or certain requirements are not met
    • Force users to choose passwords with a minimum strength
    • Force users to choose passwords with a minimum length
    • Force users to chooce a password not containing words from ablacklist you define
    • No cheating: This modification also controls users passwords on server side with Ben Jeavos php-implementation of zxcvbn.
    • Easy styling through XenForo Style Properties

    This addon is currently in Beta stage. As I only run a XenForo 1.4.6 Installation at the moment, you might want to check if it fully works on your version first on your local test installation before bringing it to your live server. Please report back if you find it to be working with your version, especially if you use XenForo 1.5.


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