Libraries 1.0.1


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    About This File
    Libraries is an application which consolidates and provides a central repository for 3rd party
    libraries which can be used and shared by apps and plugins. This application provides an API
    for app and plugin developers to load and use libraries without having to bundle the library
    with the plugin/app distribution.

    For site owners, this application allows you to have one centrally located library, ( such as
    JQuery UI, Bootstrap, etc ) that you can customize to your own needs and give plugins/apps an
    easy way to share it.

    Notice to site owners:
    You may have been asked to install this application because another app or plugin that you're
    using requires it. If that's the case, simply install "libraries" and upload any library files
    that are required by the particular app/plugin.

    Notice to developers:
    Download and read the readme.txt for information on how to use the libraries API in your own