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[iNTERNAL] Link Directory (LD) 2.9a

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Compatible XF Versions
1.4, 1.5
1 license = 1 site
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1 year; $8 updates
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Link Directory (LD)

User: TestAdmin
Password: testadmin

The Link Directory offers you a built-in XenForo link list with numerous features such as:
  • Link Directory Site is visible depending on group rights
  • links can be added depending on group rights
  • links can be edited, depending on group rights
  • links can be deleted depending on group rights
    • any existing link threads are then also deleted
  • links must be released after each group rights or are immediately visible
    • message in the XenForo moderator bar
    • message on the XenForo hint system
  • clicks on links are counted
    • only real members clicks
    • flood protection
  • links can be "liked" depending on group rights
  • links can be sorted in the frontend by members
    • late
    • title
    • clicks
    • likes
  • links can be moved within the categories
  • links can be reported
  • og:tags read from the URL
  • link owner can change
  • links are checked via cron to function and may reported
  • categories can be created, edited, and deleted incl SubCategories
  • separate display below the category for "My links"
  • link topics can be created automatical
  • selectable forum for link themes
  • maximum number of displayed links adjustable per side
  • maximum number of links a user can add is adjustable
  • standard sorting the links lists set
    • date
    • title
    • clicks
    • likes
  • optional domain blacklist (with wildcard (*) support)
  • optional URL source code check
    • it could, for example, only XenForo forums be admitted as links
    • Category based or System-based
  • optional tab in the navigation (phrase editable)
  • optional settable "noindex"
  • optional settable "nofollow"
  • Sidebar Wideget for [bd] Widget Framework and XenForo Sidebar
  • Search function
  • Import / Export (NETSCAPE Bookmark file)
  • and more...
In addition, most functions in the ACP are each provided with explanations and support is ensured over the free support site

German ;)

Important information:
This add-on is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.
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