[iNTERNAL] Minecraft Paid Username Validation 2.2.0

When registering, users must use a paid Minecraft account username.

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    • 1.4
    • 1.5
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    This add-on will ensure your users have paid Minecraft usernames when registering.

    Does not verify the user owns the particular username they specify.

    • You may choose to accept or reject the registration in the event Minecraft.net cannot be reached
    • You may update the URL to be used for validation if it changes in the future
    • Enable or disable the add-on to turn checking on/off
    • Fully phrased error messages (can be changed and translated easily)
    • Works with the built in File Health Check to ensure the integrity of the add-on
    • This only checks on new user registration. It will not validate the username when a username is changed or when an Administrator creates a new user from the Control Panel
    • Only validates the forum username, not against custom fields
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