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[Free Add-on ] [Moturdrn] GW2 API + Authentication 1.0.6

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Compatible XF Versions
1.4, 1.5
Additional Requirements
Guild Wars 2 Account
GD for image generation
MIT License
Visible Branding
Checks the user's Guild Wars 2 home world against that set within the XenForo options, and adds the user to a specific user group if it matches.

Please note: GD is required to create the images showing how to create keys due to overlaying the required API Key name.

  • Automatically add/remove users from groups based on API Key data
  • Blacklist Guild Wars 2 Accounts from being used to verify

Upload the contents of the upload directory to your forum root, and install the xml file.

Under the options for [Moturdrn] GW2 API + Authentication you need to set the Verified World and Verified Usergroup settings. It's also recommended that you modify the Key Name Prefix. This is used for generating unique key names to prevent someone who's harvested several API keys from using those to verify on the forum. Key names takes the forum of <prefix>-<uniqueid> e.g.

Minimum Hours Between Key Checks - There is a cron task that automatically checks whether an account should be classed as verified, which runs every hour. This setting specifies how long has to have passed since a key was checked before it gets included in the cron for checking again. Reducing this value will cause each key to be checked more times in a day, whilst increasing this will cause them to be checked less. Setting this to 1 will result in every key being checked every hour, increasing the time the tasks takes to run along with resource requirements.

Maximum Number of Keys per User - You may wish to allow users to add multiple API keys. Whilst this application doesn't make use of anything beyond the Account scope, you could use this in development alongside your own applications for example to retrieve character data for each user.

Usergroup Permissions
There are 2 new usergroup permissions included with this addon.
  • Is Verified Group
    • Not used within the scope of this addon, but allows you to set for your own development whether this group should be classed as being verified - XenForo_Permission::hasPermission($visitor['permissions'], 'moturdrn_gw2api', 'verified')
  • Can Administrate Keys
    • Members of this group can delete/re-assign others keys, along with making use of the blacklist functions
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