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MyBB Emoticons Pack 1.0.0

MyBB Emoticons Pack

  1. XenForo Rocks
    About This File
    A pre-packaged zip file containing the full set of emoticons from MyBB 1.8.5!

    There are two versions. One with the original naming :)sad:) and one with prefixed naming to not conflict with other emoticon packs :)my_sad:)

    I did not create these, these are from the open-source MyBB project. I have included a copy of the original LGPL V3 license in the zip file. I am providing this package solely to make it easy for users to add these free emoticons to their IPS website. As far as I know, this is entirely allowed by the original license and I am able to distribute these, but if you have any issues, please give me a PM.

    lukeroge/EmoticonPacks ยท GitHub