[iNTERNAL] Nerva 4.x & IPBForo 1.0.2

Nerva 4.x & IPBForo

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    About This File
    Very clean a skin with advanced features designed for the IPS 4.x. Fully customizable with features you can create a website that you want.

    Nerva with advanced features designed for the IPS 4.x is a clean skin. Nerva was rebuilt with skin v1.0.1 release. We attach great importance to the fact that we produce the skin at the same time user-friendly.


    qoXj9rt.png y5kra0c.png

    Note: All customers who have previously purchased the first version Please uninstall the old version before installation, install the new version. Because skin has been completely renovated.

    Compatibility: IPS Community Suite

    Note: Other have not been tested with older versions.

    IPS Applications: 1) Forums, 2) Calendar, :relievedface: Chat, 4) Downloads, 5) Commerce, 6) Pages, 7) Blog, 8) Gallery.


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    Nerva Skin Installation and Settings