Nerva for IP Board 4.1.X 1.0.6

nerva skin

  1. drunkenmonkey
    Hey guys i am re-uploading Nerva 1.0.6 Theme for IP Board 4.1.X, this time i uploaded the .XML file ONLY! since people did not like the extra directory's

    This theme has been tested on IP Board 4.1.7 Fully working!

    To install this theme go to Admin CP On the left hand side of admin CP you will see a Customization Tab Click it Then Under appearance select themes after that click on the + add Theme Button then click on the upload theme button and select the XML file u Downloaded.

    What's New in Version 1.0.6
    • Uploaded only the .XML file
    • blog.png.7d5e8fa85ebdf69357bc082202af77a2 - Copy.png board-background.png.507fc26d1a0e43513050cff9d442603d - Copy.png gallery.png.dd9e540829fbc95f7821610652284580 - Copy.png guest-board.png.f969eab635e78201603591d2454bd140 - Copy.png page.png.ad52f1cd0f8f304a37baeec98bc3427c - Copy.png
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