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[Free Add-on ] Nodes As Tabs 1.5.1

Enables nodes to have their own nav tabs. Supports tab selection, permissions, and child links.

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.1
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    NodesAsTabs 1.2.2

    This addon is fully compatible with the latest version of XF despite not being updated in a while. I am not neglecting this addon. I am intentionally waiting for XF2 as the opportune time to revisit the code.
    mB4ZU3y.png HxMFRZn.png
    This addon enables content publishing to the navbar via nodes. Using the different node types you can:

    1) Split up your forum list over multiple tabs.
    2) Add external links to the navbar (link forums).
    :relievedface: Publish your own static or dynamic content to the navbar (page nodes).

    Backend options:
    This is a picture of the configurable tab options that are added to each node by this addon, and some additional global options:
    W3sFWDn.png PdFgrM8.png
    This addon uses the standard install procedure...

    1) Upload the files. The zip file contains an "upload" folder. Upload the contents of that folder, thereby creating a library/NodesAsTabs directory on your server.
    2) Import the XML in your Admin CP. You can enter the path to the XML file on the server (./library/NodesAsTabs/addon-NodesAsTabs.xml) or use the Browse button to upload it from your computer:
    To create a node as a tab you simply need to set these two options as shown below (the first of which is a standard node option, the second of which is added by this addon):

    Admin CP -> Applications -> Display Node Tree -> [click the node]


    You can enable both options if you want the node to be listed in both places, but normally you would only enable one.

    - Allows you to display any node as a tab in the navbar.
    - Supports all node types (categories, forums, pages, and link forums).
    - Supports tab selection when you enter a node tab.
    - All child nodes and other content underneath a node tab will continue to show that parent tab as being selected in the navbar. That includes children of a node tab down to any depth as well as threads and posts inside of those nodes. The containing tab will continue to show as selected.
    - Breadcrumbs under a node tab are modified to be rooted to that node so that crumbs for higher level nodes (above the tab) are not shown.

    Here are some examples of forums that use this addon:


    Technical details:
    - This addon creates one new table called nat_options. All data for this addon is contained in that table. It doesn't change anything else in the database. As such, this addon can be disabled or uninstalled very easily without any lasting effects.
    - This addon has 0 query overhead. Extra query overhead is only incurred when you enable the permission options and unread counter for a tab.​


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