PHPStorm Templates 1.0.1

PHPStorm Templates

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    About This File
    This has several predefined templates for IPS 4.0


    • Class (basic class)
    • Template (creates an empty *.phtml, with the param header)
    • Items (creates a blank item's class with many of the predefined options included)
    • Javascript Controller (creates JS controller)
    • JS Mixin (creates Mixin JS file)
    • JS Module (creates Module JS File)
    • Nodes (creates a basic node class with permissions)
    • Singleton (creates a class that extends the singleton class)
    When creating files, for the ones that have namespace you do not need to include IPS nor do you need to include the _ (underscore) for class name (filename is used for the class name). If you find any problems, drop me a line.