Pinterest Share Link 1.0.5

Pinterest Share Link

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    About This File
    Adds the Pinterest share service/link to IPS4.

    Once enabled, a Pinterest icon should appear in your share links. There are several settings under System > Sharing > Pinterest to add Pinterest features such as sharing any image on the page from the share link and/or being able to hover over an image and share directly from there.

    For sharing directly from the share button it uses your theme's sharer logo. If this is not uploaded it will use If you do not have one then it will be taken from the .png in the /uploads folder in the /upload folder of this zip. If you choose to use this please note the path must be /your-ip4-root-directory/uploads/cvh/pinterest/sharer.png

    As of 1.0.2 you must delete the /your-root-dir/system/Content/ShareServices/Pinterestcvh.php file if you've upgraded from a previous version. This may require re-enabling Pinterest in System > Promotion > Sharing.

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