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Supported Versions
Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0, Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
WBB 4 Theme "Play the Game" by Gino Zantarelli

Style Description:

Very high-quality, dark and attractive flat style for gamers / console friends with many adjustments to popular plugins. Convince your forums visitors with this impressive Theme...

Special adaptations:

All pop up windows & drop-downs optimized | Complete Tables revised | All badges and tags completely adapted and restyled | depictions of code box, table, quote, spoilers, Hidden Hack adjusted | Memberlist optimized | Portal View optimized | Sidebar button rearranged | New redactor Editor fully adjusted | Flashing display of newly preserved conversation | Adjustment & flashing forum icons for new postal articles | Redesigned Image Viewer display

Optical adjustments to various plugins:

This style optimized views of various plugins such as the Shoutbox from Sonnenspeer , the Voolia News Center, the Hide BB code of Geramy, the portal as well as the FAQ by Mobahner, the link list of Codequake, Tim Chat Version 3.0.5, the WBB Blog, the WBB Filebase & Viecode Webdisc, WBB Gallery, WBB Calendar, the CLS EasyLink list, Web Produktion Community Marketplace and the extended MainMenu from C. Walz.

Flexible width & Smartphone fit:

The width of this style is a maximum of 100% (ideal for widescreen monitors) and automatically adapts to smaller monitors, tablets and smartphones ... thereby always allow optimal viewing for visitors. Of course, the width setting is also left to yourself ...

Full browser support:

This style naturally supports all modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer Version 10. Future-oriented coding ensures to later display errors and perfecting the look.


- This style is available under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, optical adjustments are allowed. A fee-disclosure is prohibited.
- Optical style adjustments are allowed (also changing the logo image)
- A fee-disclosure and offer from other domains is strictly prohibited.
- Images of WBB styles may not be used otherwise.
- Included Photoshop files may not be transferred or exchanged
- The change or remove of copyright messages (also in CSS definitions) is strictly forbidden, as these may not be covered by other levels (for example, by pop-up windows or banners)


This style is fully compatible with the Woltlab Burning Board versions 4.0.x.x and 4.1.x.x

The style must installed as a package under SYSTEM > PACKAGES > INSTALL PACKAGE. Upload the file "". The style package needs NOT to be unzipped before upload!

Do you need the logo as a Photoshop file?

Visit my website ( and download there free complete style file and accessories down, this is a Photoshop file for the logo in the folder "psd".
First, install the provided fonts from the folder "font" before the PSD file is edited.

Under the older WBB 4.0.x.x the changed logo must be storaged in your theme folder "playthegame" on your server, dont rename this folder !

Style support:

For free WBB style offers a conditional support on the official support forum is carried out (, this includes technical problems, code optimizations and is free of charge. A fundamental right to support can not be demanded.

Special mention:

The used wallpaper is declared by Unsplash and for free use, but I'd like the site operators / photographers pay tribute for their outstanding work ...

Gino Zantarelli

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