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Query Toolbox
Query Toolbox is a 3rd party developer plugin for the Invision Power Suite that adds a few extensions to the Database Schema and Versions section of the Developers Center.

  • Implements a "Query Toolbox" feature to the Database Schema page. This allows you to execute raw MySQL queries without needing to use the MySQL CLI client. In addition, this feature offers the benefit of being able to display the query results in a sortable formatted table.
  • Adds a button allowing you to manually execute queries on the Versions page. This is useful when you're collaborating on projects with others or otherwise need to manually execute a query that has been added to any version.
  • Extends the Add SQL Query dialog on the Versions page by implementing support for query templates. This allows you to easily create common queries (such as adding/deleting columns and adding group settings) without needing to manually write \IPS\Db statements.
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