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QuoteME !

[Free Add-on ] QuoteME ! 2.1.1

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  • Author Caldexi
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Compatible XF Versions
1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
Visible Branding
QuoteME !
Addon Presentation
This addon allows you to select some text in a message and quote it into the editor with a little popup.
I had this addon on vBulletin and my members and I loved it. So now here it is on XenForo :)

Since version 2.0:
To make it simple: compatible with TouchScreen/Mobile devices. More information here.

Since version 1.6:
  • The quotes can be saved inside the user broswer memory to have a "transPage" mode which is kind of cross threads multi quotes mode.
  • You also have an option to automatically activate the QuoteME popup after selected some text in a post OR you can activate the QuoteME popup once a trigger has been pressed (located at the top right of the thread)

Working with
  • TinyMCE editor 3.x
  • TinyMCE Quattro (with a button to enable the QuoteMe (fast quotes) modes as an option -see the FAQ - Paragraph 1)
  • XenForo Redactor
  • the normal 'editor' (textarea) being used with TinyMCE
  • the normal 'editor' (textarea) used alone
  • Markitup Integrator addon
Tested on
Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE>7

Important (for XenForo 1.1.x)
The version of TinyMCE used by XenForo has a bug with Opera when inserting selected text inside the editor. To fix it, please go here.

Addon Installation/Update
  1. On XenForo 1.1 only, install first: Template Modification System (TMS)
  2. Use any auto installer addon OR
    1. Upload the files on your forum directory
    2. Import xml file
Addon Configuration
  • AdminCp=>Appearance=>Style properties=>(Select your style)=>QuoteME
  • AdminCp=>Options=>QuoteME!
Configuration Note

If you have positioning problems with the QuoteMe Box, go here to configure this:
AdminCp=>Appearance=>Style properties=>(Select your style)=>QuoteME

If you're using a custom theme, you will certain have to configure the 'margin-top'.
I might have missed something but I didn't find a way to automatically correct this margin in the javascript file.

So to proceed, it's extremely simple: just go to AdminCp=>Appearance=>Style properties=>(Select your style)=>QuoteME
Then change here the margin-top (negative value) (default:-10px)

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