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  1. XenForo Rocks
    About This File
    This widget will show, wherever you want (except on sidebar), a box with the last topics/posts made on your forum that the user who is viewing has permission to view. The list is AJAXED updated in a number of seconds seconds set by admin on the widget settings. To notify you about new topics/posts on forums, the widget uses an effect that will pulsate the list only if some new topic or new post is made.

    Widget settings:

    • Number of topics to show
    • The interval (in seconds) for the list auto update (ajax)
    • Number of content items a user must have before he can view the block
    • Exclude forums from the list
    • Topic statuses (open, locked, pinned, not pinned, feature, not featured, visiable and hidden)
    • Goups allowed to see the list.

    • IPS Community 4.0
    • IPS Community 4.1: although it is 100% functional on IPS 4.1, it will require a tiny template edit on templates. I will release a new version as soon as IPS 4.1 is released.
    See how it works:

    Previous versions:

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