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Beta Redis Cache By Xon 2.0.8

No permission to download
Additional Requirements
php 5.6+
Redis (v3.0.0 or better)
phpredis (for performance)
MIT Licence (add-on), New BSD (Redis Zend component)
This add-on uses Credis with a custom cache provider for Redis (based off Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis). For best performance, install the php extension: phpredis


Please be aware that Redis is very sensitive to latency in a virtual environment. If repeated connection failures or protocol errors are experienced disable any Redis Persistence options.

Read Scaling

With the $config['cache']['config']['load_from_slave'] option, reads can be deferred to a singular slave instance. This takes all the options of 'config' (except the slave config)

See the FAQ for configuration samples.

High availability

The Zend component support master/slave setups with Redis Sentinel support. It does not support Redis multi-master clustering.
  • Additionally, this add-on implement caching of thread counts in a forum.
  • Redis Sentinel support for high-availability (see FAQ for details).


Components licenced under; New BSD
  • Credis
Components licenced under; MIT Licence
  • XenForo Add-on code

Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a GitHub Pull request via the "Find more info at github.com..." link.


If you appreciate this add-on, please consider a contribution via PayPal. Details will be provide via private conversation.

Please contact me if you wish for different licencing arrangements.
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