[Free Style] Refresh - PixelExit.com 1.4.0

Refresh PixelExit For Xenforo

    Here we have a nice light style good for any site. Default layouts once again fairly lite with only a few images and very little CSS changes all done via the EXTRA.css template.

    If you happen to be running an older version of XenForo, make sure to check the Version History tab above to download older versions!!

    Installation: Instructions in the README.txt within the download.

    Contributers:Shelley for the use of her quicknav.psd

    • You may
      • Use this skin on any number of your forums
      • Modify the skin to suite your needs
    • You cannot
      • Redistribute this skin in part or whole without explicit permission of PixelExit.com
      • Remove the footer credit link without purchasing brand removal. ($15 - For Free Releases).
    All images & templates created during the creation of said work are copyright of PixelExit.com unless otherwise stated.

    like my post before you hit download :)


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