Report Improvements by Xon

[Free Add-on ] Report Improvements by Xon 2.3.0

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  • Work-around for XF bug where a user report always has a state change of 'open'
  • Fix comment direction option with XF2.1
  • Avoid N+1 query behaviour when viewing reports
  • Support alerting the user who has a report assigned to them
    • Track when a user is assigned to a report, in assigned alert report who it is assigned to
  • Fix "Liking your own content is considered cheating." when viewing the Like list for a user's own report comments
  • Harden indexing report comments which refer to an invalid report entity
  • Fixes for XF1 upgrade path
  • Allow reply-banning through a closed threads for moderators
  • add options icon
  • Convert XF1 report mentions to XF2 format