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This addon will help your users to divide into pages their resource description. To achieve this, the Slideshow JqueryTools plugin is used with a BbCode in the background, but the user only needs to enter this line "{newpage}" to create a page or "{newpage=Page title} if he wants a title. This concept has been inspired from the slider BbCode of the "BbCodes & Buttons Manager - Advanced Bb Codes Pack".

Please note, that all the description will be loaded then split with JS. I haven't tried yet but if the description has several heavy images, it might be slow in comparison of php split description. On the other side, once the description is loaded, the pages will not have to load every time.

  • This addon has a compatible mode when JavaScript is disabled.
  • The page navigation position can be directly configured by the user.
    • {newpage=Page title|top}, will make the pagenav at the top
    • {newpage=Page title|bottom}, will make the pagenav at the bottom
    • {newpage=Page title|top|right}, will make the pagenav at the right top
    • Same thing for left and center
  • If no title is entered, the number of the page will be displayed. If you prefer a circle sign: {newpage=point}
  • This addon has options and display properties
  1. Install the addon
  2. Import the BbCode from the extra directory (BBM is required)
  3. Options to configure (optional but take a look):
    admin->XenForo options->[RM] Page BbCode Configuration
  4. Display properties (optional but take a look):
    admin->Appearance->Style Properties->Resource Manager Page BbCode

Please contribute to this addon with a donation. Thanks.

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