[Translation] Russian Language Pack for IPS Community Suite 4.1.19

Russian Language Pack for IPS Community Suite

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    About This File
    Русский языковой пакет для IPS Community Suite

    This language pack includes a full translation of all official applications.

    Advantage of our translation is universality. It is suitable for use on any website. We do not put any external links to our translation and do not replace original files. We provide only the xml-file that you can import via AdminCP of your site. If you want to say "thank you" to authors of language pack, you can buy identical pack.

    We ask you to inform us about any bugs and typos to our bug tracker. You can found installation instructions in en-info.txt (in English) and rus-info.txt (in Russian) files. You can find preview of translation on our official website. We do not prohibit the distribution of our language pack, if you specify an active link to our site. Thank you!

    Authors of language pack: @Ilya Hoilik, @CV01
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