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Better detection of albums and gallery albums.
The ColbertNation and DailyShow websites are being phased out/merged in by ComedyCentral. Existing MEDIA BBCodes can be updated using the Post Content Find / Replace tool using the following settings:

        Quick Find: mgid
Regular expression: (\[MEDIA=(?:colbertnation|dailyshow))
Replacement String: [MEDIA=comedycentral

                    ☑ Save Changes[/CODE]
Now properly embeds tracks from authors whose names contain a dash.
Moved the remaining embeds to Amazon's new hostnames.
Replaced the hostname used in embedded products from european Amazon stores
Added support for Vox "Share this video" URLs, e.g. Dear Marvel, I was wrong. Ant-Man is great.
Improved support for playlists. Attention, some things may break.
Added support for www.wsj.com and on.wsj.com