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[iNTERNAL] Schedule Content (Original: Scheduled Post) 2.0.8

Allow user can set scheduled post to display...

  1. XenForo Rocks
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Additional Requirements:
    PHP version 5.4 or higher
    Single use
    Updates Duration:
    $20/y. re-new $10
    Visible Branding:
    Description: This addon allow user can set scheduled post.
    When a thread was scheduled this only display for admin, mod and owner of thread can view :)
    - Admin or Mod (who have permission to do) can stop scheduling thread

    • Support invisible (thread don't display before publishing) and locked (thread don't allow reply before expiring)
    • Support send alerts to user.
    • Support changing owner of thread. (Supported 1.2.1)
    • Allow set default scheduled time and custom scheduled time. (Supported 1.2.1)
    • Support 12 hours or 24 hours format.
    • Resend email to users who watched on forum have thread invisible ;)
    • Allow each group user can add scheduled thread
    • Allow each group user can edit scheduled thread
    • Allow each group user can view scheduled thread although thread still don't publishing
    • Allow each group user can view list of scheduled threads.
    How to use:
    - Install Addon
    - Set permission for each group user can set scheduled post
    - Set permssion for each group can edit scheduled
    - Set time to cron entry. Be default this Addon auto run for 15 minutes (Its recommend for all setting)

    Live for test:http://nobita.me/
    - For each purchase you only apply for a domain.


    1. Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.52.32 AM.png
    2. Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.52.55 AM.png
    3. Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.53.14 AM.png
    4. Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.53.30 AM.png
    5. Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.54.06 AM.png
    6. Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.54.28 AM.png
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