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i paid batman 40$ to make me this add-on a long time ago, its a simple add-on for the media gallery.

It takes all the image's BB codes from an album and you are able to post them in a thread,

its' very useful i find, especially for albums that have hundreds of photos

actually i dont use this add-on anymore, it ended up putting it in my trash can, as i hired brivium to make me a more complicated share album bb code add-on,

but this one still works good, it's just that its very simple, i figured someone might like it,

if any developer wants to add new features to it , you can go ahead and add them and send it back to me, so i can update it,

but so far it works on the latest xf version, its very simple add-on

you can see the photo below if you don't understand what it does
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