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[iNTERNAL] Shoutbox by Siropu 1.3.3

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Each installation requires a separate license. With each license you purchase you automatically get 10% off for the next license, up to 50%!
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1 year
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This is a shoutbox widget that you can add in any of the available widget positions.

  1. Shoutbox refresh interval - Allows you to set refresh interval for new messages. This option can be disabled.
  2. Maximum shout length - Set the maximum allows shout length.
  3. Shout display limit - Set the maximum number of shouts to display on page load.
  4. Delete shouts older than - Allows you to auto-delete shouts older than x days.
  5. Enable sound - Enable sound notification for new shouts.
  6. Enable avatars - Display user avatar in shout.
  7. Allow BB codes - Controlls if BB codes are parsed or not.
  8. Footer - Allows you to add custom data (ads, notices, etc) in the shoutbox footer.
It has user group permissions for using shoutbox, editing/deleting shouts, prune shoutbox (/prune)
When scrolling at the bottom of the shouts, older shouts will be automatically loaded.

I don't plan to add new features to this add-on. If you want a feature rich chat application, then please see my Chat 2 add-on (coming soon).
XenForo Rocks
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Improvements & Bug Fix

    Added option to set a user ID for automated bot prune messages. Fixed an issue with sound path...
  2. Improvements

    Added option to use Shoutbox in a popup and the ability to embed it outside XenForo on any domain
  3. See description

    This release fixes a bug where the smilies box has no style applied to it and cannot be toggled...
  4. New Features

    Added option to display smilie button for easy smilie access. Added option to post shouts in a...
  5. Improvements

    Added option to enable Shoutbox navigation tab to use it in a dedicated page. Added option to...

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