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[PubliC Release] Similar threads 6.0

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Similar threads v3.7 changes:

Fixed issue with quick thread, similar thread result links were not clickable.
Similar threads v3.4 changes:

Similar threads are also shown when using the quick thread function.
Similar threads v3.3 changes:

Added Stop characters to options page.
Similar threads v3.1 changes:

Fixed Show post thread in Options page.
Similar threads v2.7 changes:

1) Added additional search for better similar thread results using standard search.

2) Now fully responsive and will show similar threads in thread_view even on very small displays
Similar threads v2.6 changes:

Fixed issue with creating new thread and similar threads header.
SimilarThreads v2.5 changes:

Fixed problem dealing with maximum results.
Similar threads v2.0 changes:

1) Same forum option now working when Enhanced search is enabled.
2) Options setting "Remove quick thread" added.

Please uninstall previous version and delete the Andy/SimilarThreads directory first. Then install Similar threads v2.0 as a new install.
Similar threads v1.9 changes:

Added option to use Enhanced search.
Similar threads v1.8 changes:

Now using the repository to reduce code duplication.