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Single Sign On (Slave) by Waindigo
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XenSSO is an addon for XenForo that at it’s core allows your users to sign up once, then sign in across all your XenForo sites with that one login. It uses OpenID under the hood and some custom tailoring for additional features not covered by OpenID.

Features of this add-on include:
  • Single Sign On, of course
  • Automatic authentication when you visit a sister site
  • Username / Email validation checks your SSO database
  • Synchronisation Tool
  • Works entirely in the background (ie. doesn’t require a manual to use).
  • Statistics and synchronisation of profile fields is planned.
The attached add-on is for the Master server. The Slave server add-on can be found here:

Thank you to Naatan for creating the original add-on, XenSSO, on which this add-on is based.

For a contribution of any amount, you may install the add-on on a commercial site, and no additional add-ons are required to be installed. You can even use CSS or Javascript to hide the copyright notice.


Alternatively, by purchasing a subscription at and installing the Install and Upgrade by Waindigo add-on, you can also completely remove all branding and activate any premium features on all your add-ons. You can also remove all branding and get the premium features for this add-on if you make a significant contribution to this add-on in any way.

This add-on would not have been possible without the incredibly generous contributions of Naatan, our premium members, and the commercial site owners who have kindly donated. Big thanks also goes to those who have helped others in the discussion thread, liked and reviewed this add-on.
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