[Free Add-on ] [SSD] Forum Stats (with Who Has Visited) 1.0

Something different for your forum statistics.

  1. XenForo Rocks
    This add-on combines your Forum Stats, Staff Online, Users Online, People You Follow, Who Has Visited and Share This Page into one block.

    *For this to work you MUST have the following installed.....

    1.) Upload contents of the 'upload' folder. This is not required, but you must specify the path to your image in the Logo Style Property.

    2.) Install the add-on.

    3.) Create your Widget with the following information:
    • Renderer - Who Has Visited
    • Widget Group - stats
    • Position - hook:forum_list_nodes
    4.) Style it, add your logo, change FA colour and size.

    This add-on modifies the following Templates:
    • PAGE_CONTAINER - Adds Font Awesome
    • who_visited_block

    *Don't forget to disable the widgets that this replaces.