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[Template/Code Modification] Staff have posted indicator

Staff have posted indicator

  1. crash_king
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.1
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Summary: Whenever a staff member have posted in a thread a indicator will display which is what this enhancement does. Style and modify to your preference. The indicator will display inside the post and to the right.

    Install: Paste the following to EXTRA.CSS and change to suit your preference:

    .message.staff .messageContent:before {
    float: right;
    font-size: 16px;
    font-family: 'Georgia';
    padding: 5px 10px;
    background-color: #90d666;
    border: 1px solid #6ea84a;
    border-radius: 3px;
    color: white;
    text-shadow: 0 0 3px #54803a;