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Hello Guys,
I have updated style xml in each style zip to reflect the version. There is no outdated templates in so many version now. It is also okay if you install using 1.5.14 style xml.

I have included Izalusia in the Xenforo Super Pack. It is now 36 styles in the pack,
Xenforo Super Pack Archives - SultanTheme.com

It will not be sold as single style because 2.0 is near. This style like my other painting style I did with vbulletin .. I sell it for 44.99USD,

When 2.0 is out, I will phased out the 1.5 version. Maybe I will just sell version 1.5 Xenforo SuperPack with hlaf cut down price.
2.0 is new coding and style need to remake from start.

I will slowly add in 2.0 collection from time to time. And the collection will be the same style selection with vBulletin 5 collection I have in the shop.
Styles updated to xenforo 1.5.14
Styles updated to xenforo 1.5.13
Styles updated to xenforo 1.5.12
All xenforo styles updated to latest version 1.5.10

The link to the Google fonts are now https so it don't trigger the unsecure javascript notice in Chrome.
Please re-download.

Thank you.
styles are now updated for xenforo 1.5.8
All styles xml has been updated to reflect new version.
All styles xml has been updated to reflect new version.
All styles xml has been updated to reflect new version. You can re-download at the same link.
Hello Guys,
Introducing to you Supertune Xenforo Style
A theme dedicated to car enthusiast out there to feel the excitement and adrenalin.
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Sultantheme is here now selling xenforo styles.
Compatible with Xenforo version 1.2.0 responsive ready and new editor.
free email and forum support.

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Thank you for viewing.