SVG Basic Smilie pack 1.0

This smilie pack replaces the default sprite smilies with SVG smilies

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    I'm configuring my new Xenforo forum and I was wondering if I was able to add high res SVG smilies to my forum. Because I noticed that the default sprite smilies didn't look very nice on high res screens like tablets and phones.

    Another advantage is that they consume very low bandwith, these twelve smilies are only13.5 kB in total!

    It turned out to be pretty simple and I made an smilies pack everyone can install.

    Note: I think it will work on older versions too, but I only tested it on my version (1.5.:relievedface:.

    Here you see how the SVG smilies look like. I will try to add additional smilie pack in the future.

    This current SVG smilie pack was made to replace the default Xenforo smilies only.
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