TeamSpeak3 UserPanel Menu 1.0.9

Adds a info DropDown to the UserPanel which shows the current TeamSpeak users.

    License Agreement:
    Supported Versions:
    • Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
    Extends Grex's the TeamSpeak3 Viewer plugin by adding a DropDown to the UserPanel. It shows the currently online users and in which channel they are. The amount of information can easily be changed in the template. The template uses the same data, with slightly changed variable names (to prevent conflicts)
    TeamSpeak Viewer's page variable servers is available under the name ts3servers.

    Important notice:
    This plugin uses the TS3 Viewer's caching mechanism. Since the DropDown appears on every page, I recommend increasing the refresh-rate value (maybe to 1-2 minutes). You might run into performance issues with the default 5 seconds timeout.

    This plugins uses the existing permissions of the TeamSpeak Viewer Plugin. If users may see the TeamSpeak Viewer page, they also see the menu.
    Allgemeine Rechte -> Forum -> TeamSpeak3 Viewer

    This plugin is based on TeamSpeak3 Viewer, so you need to install it first.

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