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TeaserBox 1.2.1

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Supported Versions
Burning Board 3.1 / WCF 1.1
You can choose in which standalone application the teaser should be display. Thanks to Oliver "Hawkes" Kliebisch who helped me and realized it.

The display (colors) can be set in the options.

Height and title of the box can be set. If there is no title, there is no topbar.

By call up the startpage there will be display a random teaser.

The pictures can be linked easily.

You can set a background-color that there is no empty space behind the pictures - that's perfect for working in many resolutions. You can display the pictures left, right and center.

The original plugin was from LiaraAlis who made it as a plugin for WoltLab Burning Board. My version is a WCF-package, which you can use in every standalone application.

License: Lizenz für kostenlose Plugins
XenForo Rocks
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