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This add-on adds the following additional criteria to the add/edit screen in the Admin Control Panel for user group promotions, notices, trophies, Privacy Groups by Waindigo and any other add-on/feature that allows selection of user criteria:
  • current date or time (added to User Group Promotions only);
  • number of friends or personal friends (in conjunction with the Friends by Waindigo add-on);
  • user's age (older or younger than);
  • number of likes given*;
  • number of warnings given*;
  • number of warning points given;
  • number of discussions started*;
  • number of posts in a specific thread(s)*;
  • number of posts in a specific node(s)*;
  • number of discussions started in a specific node(s)*;
  • number of social forums joined or social forums created (in conjunction with the Social Groups by Waindigo add-on);
  • user having not completed the occupation, about you or custom title field;
  • user having been registered for less than a certain number of days;
  • user hasn't logged on in X days;
  • user hasn't posted for at least X days;
  • user has posted at least X times in the last Y days
  • 'non-empty' custom user fields;
All criteria can be selected in addition to or as an alternative to the existing criteria or any other criteria from the list above.

Note that the criteria marked with an asterisk result in additional database queries being called, which may cause the User Group Promotion cron entry to timeout on very large sites in XenForo 1.1. This issue has been resolved in XenForo 1.2.
If you are using the current date or time option for User Group Promotions, you may wish to increase how regular the User Group Promotions cron entry runs. To do this, go to Admin Control Panel > Tools > Cron Entries > User Group Promotions and hold down the Ctrl key to select additional 'Run at minutes'.

If you have Advanced User Group Promotions by Waindigo add-on installed, installing this add-on will automatically uninstall that add-on. Upgrading that add-on will not work as the Add-On ID has changed.
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