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[iNTERNAL] Tickets - PixelExit.com 1.6.3a

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Thanks to Xon for contributions to this and the last couple of releases!
  • Minor assortment of bug fixes.
  • Email styling and phrase fixes.
  • Display an option to choose whether or not to alert a user to a new ticket created for them.
  • Various minor bug fixes over the previous release.
After you've upgraded, please ensure you do the following:

ACP -> Applications -> Ticket Rebuilds -> Rebuild Ticket Information

ACP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Search Index for the Ticket and Ticket Message content types.

  • Ensure ticket count is not always, unnecessarily, rebuilt. Also ensure it's properly rebuilt when need be.
  • Detect whether JavaScript is enabled or not. This requires some additional configuration with custom field callbacks. Please see FAQs.
  • Add a separator between handy links and categories.
  • Ensure device information callbacks correctly handle iOS 11 devices.
  • Ensure custom field callback errors are properly phrased.
  • Fix a potential issue with deleting threads.
  • Allow quick finding of guest tickets.
  • Improve robustness of the installer.
  • Capture and display spam trigger log on tickets.
  • Improve handling of content permissions for tickets.
  • Simplify escalation configuration steps.
  • Improve performance of escalations, especially when a ticket has just been replied to.
  • Add the ability to open a ticket directly from the member card or member profile views.
  • Properly mark tickets as read when messages have been loaded dynamically.
  • Display the created ticket page regardless if users have permissions to view the ticket or not.
  • Various misc style fixes.
  • Support select to quote functionality.
  • Add the ability to change a ticket's status while responding.
  • Add the ability to automatically self-assign tickets while responding.
  • Separate handling of ticket starter and the actual owner of the ticket.
  • Provide clearer indication when a ticket was opened by someone else instead of the user.
  • Display ticket owner's recent activity under a tab for quicker access.
  • Properly expose search functionality and add various constraints.
  • Attempt to resolve issues with counting the number of viewable tickets.
  • Properly handling unassigning of tickets.
  • Improve integration with draft functionality.
  • Ensure escalations are fired after new ticket replies.
  • Missing phrases are no longer missing.
  • Improvements to underlying escalation framework.
  • Allow escalation routines to be fired once per new ticket message.
  • Lots of bug fixes and code improvements.
This is a significant update to Tickets and all license holders are encouraged to upgrade to this version. There are some post-upgrade steps that must be completed or else you will run in to unexpected issues. In addition to this, a PHP 5.4+ requirement is now enforced so you will need to update PHP if you're running anything older than that.

With the truckload of changes in this version, there is also an increase in price to allow for better continued support for this add-on. This add-on will be ported to XenForo 2 and you will receive this as long as you have an active license.

Post Upgrade Steps
  • Navigate to Admin Control Panel -> Applications -> Ticket Rebuilds and run all rebuilds from the top to the bottom.
  • Navigate to Admin Control Panel -> Rebuild Caches and rebuild the search index for 'Tickets' and 'Ticket Messages'.
  • Added the ability to create ticket escalations to trigger defined actions over a defined period of time.
    • Escalations can be triggered by cron or when a ticket is updated.
    • An escalation to automatically resolve tickets at haven't had a response for 14 days is created upon upgrade.
  • Implemented a wider variety of configuration options (filters, sorts, per-page counts, etc) for different views (member pages, category pages, etc).
  • Added the addition of a new layout for Tickets that is much less prone to breakage with third party styles. This is now the default view but the old ew is still available through options.
  • Resolved incorrect or missing breadcrumb issues across multiple views.
  • Consistently use one add-on prefix rather than three different ones.
  • Removed a bunch of old files that have been superseded.
  • Resolved an issue with ticket messages and route matching.
  • Pagination elements will no longer be added to the DOM if a page has no pagination.
  • Tickets are correctly counted in a number of areas.
  • Implemented a much more user friendly way of filtering tickets through a new filter and sort menu available on the ticket queue.
  • Allow for tickets to be sorted by priority, last message date or first message date.
  • Added the ability to set global ticket filters across different views.
  • If a user has open tickets, these will be displayed on their profile under a new tickets tab.
  • Display open tickets for the content user when viewing a report.
  • Add the ability to use placeholder variables for ticket fields and custom ticket fields within predefined responses.
  • When a guest who has previously opened tickets signs up, those tickets will be attached to the new user.
  • Clicking the status label of a ticket whilst viewing it in the queue will filter out tickets not in that status.
  • Ensure JavaScript bundles are correctly minified if not in debug mode.
  • Resolve issues with edit history for ticket messages.
  • Allow ticket messages to be hard deleted.
  • Greatly refactor ticket DataWriters to support easier extension and more reliable position setting.
  • Add tickets and ticket messages to the search index.
  • Ensure guest tickets require a valid email address.
  • Correctly take a visitor to the latest unread ticket message rather than the first ticket message.
  • Ensure category page tickets are sorted correctly by descending last message date by default.
  • Ensure ticket status banners line up correctly when there are other ticket icons showing.
  • End users are now able to resolve tickets they have started.
  • Significant improvements to admin templates to make them simpler and more intuitive.
  • Prevent empty ticket responses from being created.
  • Remove unreliable ability to hide tickets in favour of discussion threads.
  • Fix multiple cases of missing phrases.
  • Ensure the ticket edit overlay displays categories in a hierarchy rather than a flat list.
  • Allow for tickets to be soft-deleted rather than just allowing hard deletion.
  • Display user banners for ticket messages posted by staff members.
  • Add support for news feed related functionality.
  • Automatically watch tickets that have been created or replied to by a user.
  • Add new preferences to allow users to set their default watch preferences.
  • Send out emails / alerts to the ticket starter when a ticket status is changed.
  • Log moderator actions on a number of ticket actions.
  • Log moderator actions on a number of ticket message actions.
  • Allow those with permission to start tickets for unregistered users. Notifications will be sent to their email address.
  • Display shared accounts for a ticket starter, whilst viewing a ticket.
  • Allow custom fields to be populated with PHP callbacks.
  • Add an example custom field PHP callback that attempts to obtain information about the user's current browser and OS, useful for technical issues.
  • Add the ability for tickets to be merged together.
  • Track last read times for guest and user tickets.
  • Support @Xon's User Activity add-on.
  • Allow staff to create tickets for guest users. Guests will be sent an email and a password to access these tickets.
  • Definitely an assortment of other things I have forgotten about.
A big thank you to all those that tested and gave feedback on this version and prior ones too. Your feedback is what has shaped this product
  • Fixes an issue with ticket message rendering.
  • Add guest ticket and attachment support.
  • Support HTML5 uploader from XenForo 1.5.12.
  • Added some more email notifications.
  • Added back missing 'Edit Ticket Title' permission.
  • Resolve issue with 'No view registered' appearing on new ticket messages
  • Fixed a missing step in the installer.