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Tim’s Chat 3.0.5

Tim’s Chat is a capable chat software for your community. It convices by a seamless integration into

    Supported Versions:
    • Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0
    • Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
    Tim’s Chat is a capable chat software for your community. It convices by a seamless integration into your community, advanced permissions, it is feature rich and easily customized via the templates!

    • The power of an application
      Tim’s Chat is a standalone application for WoltLab® Community Framework™. This provides you with unlimited possibilites: A community based on a Chat? No problem! Tim’s Chat running on another Domain? Neither a problem!
    • Advanced Moderation
      Tim’s Chat convinces by it’s advanced moderation that leaves nothing to be desired. Users are, for example, able to manage their own temporary rooms, without affecting your predefined ones. Or maybe you want to have a trainee that may mute others, but shouldn’t be able to ban them.In case none of your moderators were present during an infringement you can view the message log in your Administrator Control Panel to warn the user afterwards.
    • Surprisingly easy to alter
      Tim’s Chat uses the well-known template engine where possible. You could, for example, change the layout of chat messages with ease in the ACP, although they are being generated on the client-side dynamically! For designers the chat provides many classes to alter the design of Tim’s Chat. Would you like your away messages in red? In Tim’s Chat, that’s not a problem!
    • Fluent chatting, even with many users!
      During development of Tim’s Chat we focused on an optimized message processing so the chat is being fun to use and messages do not take multiple seconds to load, even in growing communities!If you have got SSH access to your server, you could set upnodePush, whereby the server load will be decrease and the overall chat experience increased.

    Official product page: Tim’s Chat in Tim’s Bastelstube
    Support: Tim’s Chat in Tim’s Bastelstube
    GitHub: github.com/wbbaddons/Tims-Chat


    attachments-en.png chat-en.png dashboard-en.png privateChannel-en.png protocol-en.png roomedit-en.png roomselect-en.png suspensionlist-en.png


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