Tours 1.0.2

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Supported Versions
Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0, Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
The extension can be downloaded in our support forums or directly here. All releases will be published on GitHub also. Since version 1.0.0, this plugin will be released in the WoltLab Plugin Store only!

Information for version 1.0.0:
  • Due to big internal changes, we cannot offer you updates to this version. You have to reinstall the plugin. We are sorry to tell, but we try to offer updates from older versions in the future.
  • New functions:
    • It is now possible to import and export tours (For developers: There is also a PIP).
    • Guest can now watch tours too.
    • It is now possible to set a time between tours (You can find the option at Options -> User -> Tours)
    • It is now possible to enable or disable tours on mobile devices (You can find the option at Options -> User -> Tours)
    • ACLs, Callbacks and Call-to-Action are now possible (For more information watch the documentation [only german])
  • Share tours
    • In our Support forum (in the filebase) you can up- and download tours. Share your tours for other users, so that they can use it to show more information about their website!
Special thanks goes to MeinAccount, as without him this plugin could have been never realized (or it would have taken some time :p)

What does this extension do?
This extension allows administrators to give their users a tour which explains the functionality of the whole website or just of a little button, as you like. It is realized through a nice script which explains functions stepwise to the user.
In addition, administrators can set up as many tours as they want and fill them with tour steps. For example, a tour can be triggered just after the user's registration or it can explain the functionality of the conversation system.
For more details, see screenshots.

Where do I get support?
You can create new issues in our GitHub-Repository or directly in our support forums.

What does the extension cost?
Nothing! This extension is absolutely free as it is licenced under the same conditions like the WCF 2.0 (LGPL).

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