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[Free Add-on ] Trending Content Tags 1.1.8

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This is a BETA. It is not guarantied to work, and is not recommended for production deployment.

A trending sidebar widget using XenForo 1.5's content tagging system.
  • Implements caching of the trending stats.
  • Multiple sources of 'activity'.
  • Threshold of activity before displaying.
  • Relatively lightweight.
Todo before this is considered v1.0 worthy:
  • Per source of activity weighting.
  • Reduce contention when updating activity stats (use caching rather than DB).
  • Implement purging of sufficiently old activity stats.
  • Provide graphs of activity over time per tag.
  • Use tag cloud 'levels' (aka improve display).
Options under Content Tagging:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.1.8 - Maintenance update

    Persistent tag counts from redis to mysql should better than race conditions if the persistence...
  2. 1.1.7 - Bugfix update

    Correctly purge a tag's trending information when a tag is deleted Fix add-on compatibility with...
  3. 1.1.6 - Maintenance Update

    Improve reliability of installer to create tables if reinstalling
  4. 1.1.5 - Bugfix update

    Improve old trending tag summarization so it correctly breaks up it's workload across multiple...
  5. 1.1.3 - Maintenance Update

    When the trending sidebar is disabled, don't display an empty trending sidebar entry.