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Trust+ Subscription or trial (available at
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Trust+ Risk Analysis System
Trust+ is a risk analysis system designed to aid forum administrators, e-shop owners, contest hosts and other webmasters in weeding out fraudulent registrations. Unlike similar services, Trust+ takes a multi-faceted approach to identify different risk factors. Detections include:

  • The detection and blocking of Tor users
  • The detection and blocking of disposable e. mail addresses
  • The detection and blocking of fake e. mail addresses
  • The detection of users who may be using proxy services, VPNs, or other identity masking services.
Our service makes it easy to stop bad actors, both human and machine, from registering on your site. Low value and throwaway accounts can be prevented. Trust+ is based on a winning formula successfully used to defend online communities with a high threat level.

This product is in beta, to purchase access at beta pricing (or to request a free trial), please request an invite here. You will be invited to create a Trust+ account, and will be provided personal beta support at no additional fee. Beta users will lock-in beta pricing. :)

Add-On Features
  • Calls the Trust+ API to determine the risk of a potential registrant, and blocks risky registrations.
    • All blocks are recorded to the Spam log in your ACP.

Beta Pricing
1000 requests/mo - 5$ monthly.
2500 requests/mo - 10$ monthly.
5000 requests/mo - 20$ monthly
5000+ requests/mo - contact us.

License Note: The add-on itself is free software, which makes use of the Trust+ API. Pricing is for use of the Trust+ API, not for the downloading of this free add-on. Source for the add-on is also available on BitBucket. Use of the Trust+ API is governed by its Terms of Service.

Any questions? Reply to the resource thread or email [email protected]:)
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