[Free Style] Tumblr Fluid and Fixed 1.5

Tumblr Fluid and Fixed For Xenforo

    This Resource is Unsupported - 7/15/2012

    Tumblr style is based on the default Xenforo 1.1.2 style with blue and green color scheme mostly based on tumblr.com The idea behind this skin is to help webmasters with Tumblr members transition over to xenforo or from xenforo while visually disrupting them as less as possible.


    1. Download the zip file attached and upload the contents of the folder called upload to your forum root.

    2. Go to AdminCP/Styles/Import a Style and Import one of the files located in the Tumblr by DRE folder.

    Tumblr.jpg Tumblr2.jpg

    ENJOY!! :)


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