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This plugin will allow users to assign their Teamspeak identity to their forum account, and assign them a server group of your choosing!

It is essentially going to be a conversion of the vBulletin one that Neoob's created.

Also join my Teamspeak server at voice.xenogamers.org (totally not advertising)

Though no damage will come to your XF forum, it could open your Teamspeak server up for exploitation, however I've been using it on a server that has 60 people constantly, so it's unlikely to happen. If any damage does come, I am not responsible. This addon is in Alpha, so is not guaranteed full-proof for production servers.

I would also recommend against users who do not have a good understanding of the Teamspeak 3 permissions system. If you automatically assign servergroups without having this knowledge, it could leave your server open for attack from users who get said servergroup and use commands you thought were restricted. Test extensively!

- A computer.
- PHP 5.2 or greater (you can also install the pecl library JSON and it should function just fine)
- XenForo (should work on both 1.1x and 1.2x)
- Good understanding of Teamspeak permissions!
- Allows users to assign their TS3 identity to their forum account through UserCP
- Removes all previous server groups and assigns them to the one assigned in AdminCP
- If a identity is already assigned to a user, it will deny their request to change it.
- Currently only allows for assignment of server groups (1 only, future updates will include multiple assignments and channel group assignments)
- Dedicated AdminCP tab, which allows you to see a server viewer, and the id of every server group on your server.

- Uses TS3 PHP Framework (http://docs.planetteamspeak.com/ts3/php/framework/)
- HowIChrgeLazer and his 'Steam Authentification & Integration' plugin, taught me a lot!
- Thanks to the people who delt with my stupid questions in the development section!
- Viewers like YOU!

Planet Teamspeak's TS3 PHP Framework is licensed under the GNU General Public License

You may not copy, modify, redistribute, in any way, part or in whole, any part of this addon.

If you like what you see so far, please consider donating! It will speed up development and motivate me to push out weekly updates with new features!
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