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[iNTERNAL] User map 4.0

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Compatible XF Versions
1.4, 1.5
Additional Requirements
The following are needed:
:- cURL
:- PHP 5.3
Single domain only. Test-site acceptable.
Updates Duration
12 months
Visible Branding
View users on an interactive map

This add-on allows you to view your users on an interactive map.

User Map | Land Cruiser Club

[New users - please take note]
I appreciate people buying this - I really do. It goes into the beer fund and helps develop it more.
When you do purchase it, you'll get a confirmation from PayPal but not from FetchApp. For reasons no one seems to be able to work out, FetchApp does not work for me.
I will email the install to you within an hour or so of getting the PayPal email. Please do not open disputes with paypal within 31.5 seconds of paying. It's boring.

  • Allow users to specify a specific location where their pin will be shown
  • Map Location may differ from normal profile location
  • Snazzy Maps support
  • Map location viewable on member's profile page.
  • Member message info has map icon clickable and zooms to member's location
  • Individual colour pins for different user groups
  • View member profile cards by clicking on the pins
  • Geo-encode user location from registration IP
  • Specify cluster group size (ACP)
  • Specify default zoom (ACP)
  • Specify default map center (ACP)
  • Select colour of member pins
  • Select colour of self-pin
  • Control over clustered pins or individual pins (ACP)
  • Mass-import and update of user locations
  • Much more to come

Some screenshots:

Main map view

Customised map view

Clicking on a pin shows the user card

Showing only those who you are following

Heat map.

Showing individual pins:

Member's profile page:

Menu links:

Account Menu:

Member's navigation menu

Forum navigation menu

Main navigation menu

Message user block

Admin options



The URL to see the map is ./usermaps or .maps
If you wanted to use another add-on for menu items then simply navigate to this.

If you wanted to view and individual user then ./usermaps?viewuser=<theirUserId>

See the FAQ for various how-tos

[APIs used] (Your server will talk to the outside world)
Google maps API
The geo-encoding uses the Google Maps API.
See for details: Pricing and Plans  |  Google Maps APIs Pricing and Plans  |  Google Developers

Note: mass-updates will most likely breach the free API calls and you'll have problems.

Registration IP encoding
This is done through www.ip-api.com
They allow 150 requests a minute. The add-on slees for 500ms between calls so cannot possibly breach that.
Please see their other terms of use: http://ip-api.com/docs/#usage_limits

Open source software used in this add-on:
Google Maps
Various members who patiently helped find bugs and feature suggestions

Support will be given as quick as possible. Normally within a day or two. I work full time, I have a family and I do occasionally go on holiday - sometimes I won't answer you as quick as you would like. Be polite, I'll certainly get to helping you.

[Continued development]
I will continue to grow this add-on. There are many features I want to add to it as I get time. I use it on my own sites so it will happen.
If you have ideas, feedback and suggestions, do let me know. Some I can act on quickly, some may take a bit of time. I will note them all.

Using the mass-update with registration IP might upset some people. It will grab their location based on where they registered from. If they wanted to remain publicly anonymous then this would not be cool.
I accept no liability for anything bad.

[Be kind]
This is my first paid-for add-on. We all learn. Be an idiot and I'll give you your money back and walk away. I've no time for whiners. having said that, I will do my utmost to help out. I hate paying for sub-standard things.

I accept non. This add-on is provided without warranty, liability and damages. You, as an admin, enable this software, you know what it does. It's yours :)

The intention behind this has been with good intent. If I have screwed something up with the opensource distribution or APIs - it was not on purpose. Let's talk.

Enjoy -

Happy to talk.

Check out my other free add-ons for more cool features.
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