UZ Absences 2.0.0 pl 2

Displays user absences in different ways.

    License Agreement:
    Supported Versions:
    • Burning Board 4.1 / WCF 2.1
    This plugin for WCF 2 and WBB 4 (optional) allows users to configure their absence in the profile to announce it to other users.
    Absences are displayed (if configured)
    • in the user profile,
    • in the message sidebar below the avatar/user rank,
    • in a sidebar box,
    • in an additional list Absences (submenu to Members),
    • in the Forum lists (from Version 1.1.4 with optional package).
    The configuration by the user is done in Profile - Settings - Absence. In addition to start and end date an optional reason can be configured.
    Further configuration in ACP - System - Options - UZ Absence and, as usual in WCF, in ACP - Community - Dashboard - Configuration.

    Optional packages:
    • WBB integration (
    • Conversation (
    Bilingual German and English.

    Creative Commons BY-SA, therefore free of charge.