UZ Community Bot 1.3.0 pl 1

The 'Swiss knife' for the Community

    Supported Versions:
    • Burning Board 4.0 / WCF 2.0
    This plugin for WCF 2 allows you to monitor a variety of events in the community and to execute various actions with or without reference to those events. Actions can be executed time-controlled and with configurable repetition frequency.
    Events / actions can be combined almost freely with avaible kinds of notification.
    UZ Community Bot maybe extended with additional features by optional packages. Burning Board-, voolia News-, Woltlab Blog- and feedreader functions are already included.
    Furthermore, it replaces plugins like Welcome Notification or Birthday Notification.

    Notification types
    Presently, the following notification types are available:
    • email,
    • comment (wall),
    • conversation,
    • conversation (individual),
    • post (WBB),
    • thread (WBB),
    • news (voolia),
    • blog entry.
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    The texts may be composed with numerous placeholders like those for names, links, counters, dates and times. User-related notifications can be sent to any recipient. You may choose user groups, single receivers and/or users, who triggered an event.

    Actions / events
    The following actions / events are implemented at the moment:
    • time-controlled circulars with configurable repitition frequency and with or withou counter; e.g. for automatic countdowns, anniversaries,
    • monitoring of user birthdays and membership anniversaries,
    • monitoring of user registrations and self-initiated deletion of the user account,
    • monitoring of the report content-system,
    • tracing of user inactivity to include automatic reminders, deactivation and removal of user accounts,
    • monitoring of user profile (for changes of avatar, signature, email, username...),
    • user group assignments dependent on different criteria,
    • watching of various actions like attachments, dis-/likes, comments, post etc. to automatically sent notifications for, e.g., top poster, 1.000th post of a user,
    • or the 250th attachment, the 50.000th thread, the 5.000th user and so on,
    • bulk processing of threads to include closing, deactivation, moving into an other forum,
    • monitoring of moderations of threads ans posts (closing, moving, deletion, merging...),
    • statistics functions for WCF, WBB and News,
    • reading of Atom and RSS feeds,
    • log functions for recording of all bot actions.
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    Essential configuration hints are summarized on the online help page.
    Basic configuration is done in ACP - System - Options - UZ Community Bot, where you essentially can activate/deactivate the monitoring functions.
    Single bots are configured in ACP - Community - UZ Community Bot. Only those bots are available, which match the functions activated in Options. Dependent on the choosen actions / events you have to make different inputs; see description texts.
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    All bots are continuously monitored and will be deactivated, if changes may lead to errors (e.g. a forum for a notification was deleted). So, if a bot is not working, please check in ACP whether or not it is still active.

    Bilingual German and English.

    Creative Commons BY-SA, therefore free of charge.