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ipsv is an unofficial Vagrant box utility designed specifically for Invision Power Suite third party developers. It aims to make developing IPS applications and plugins a more enjoyable experience by eliminating the headache of having to manage and manually configure a local development environment using WAMP or similar means.

Whenever you normally want to make a new test install of IPS, you have to..

  • Download the most recent IPS release
  • Extract the setup files to a new web directory
  • Apply proper permissions to those files and folders
  • Update the configuration files for your web server
  • Create a new MySQL database
  • Go through the process of running the web installer and filling in all your server information again
  • Download the most recent developer tools from the marketplace
  • Extract those developer tools to your IPS installation
  • Create a new constants.php file to finally put the installation into IN_DEV mode.
That's quite a headache to go through every time you want to create a new IPS test installation.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could automate doing all of the above in a single command? Meet IPS Vagrant.

What is Vagrant?

Vagrant is software for managing virtual development environments. It allows you to easily create and destroy virtual machines on the fly.

What is IPS Vagrant?

IPSV is a custom server and configuration file management application that comes pre-installed on the FujiMakoto/ipsv Vagrant box.

For more information (including installation instructions), please check out the Getting Started section of the projects README page.
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  1. What's New in Version 0.4.1

    Added Prompt for automatic creation of databases when not using the auto-installer Fixed...