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vb5 forum category spacing 1.1

No permission to download
vB Version: 5.1.x

Hello Guys,
It's me Hanafi from sultantheme.com
Demo is here - style name "Category Spacing":vb5 Styles and Themes Forums - vb5 Styles Demo Forums

If you dont want to do the changes just upload the style xml included.
It is created with vb5.1

1. Style manager> style name> edit templates>Display Templates> display_Forums_list

on line 7 : <!-- Categories -->
paste below the line:

<!--added table -->
<table class="forum-list-container stretch catspace">
before line 12 : <vb:elseif condition="$channel['parentid'] == $root" />
paste above it:

<!--added 2nd row -->
<tr class="forum-list-header">
    <th class="header-forum"><span>Forums</span></th>
    <th class="header-topics"><span>{vb:rawphrase topics}</span></th>
    <th class="header-posts"><span>{vb:rawphrase posts}</span></th>
    <th class="header-lastpost"><span>{vb:rawphrase last_post}</span></th>
2. Style manager> style name> edit templates> css templates> css_additional.css
paste inside;

/*-- fix the first unwanted 2ndrow forum/topic/post/last post --*/
/*-- fix at forumhome only not in subpages --*/
#forum-tab table:first-child{display:none}

/*-- custom spacing --*/

/*-- category styling --*/
.forum-list-container .category-header {
background: #033145 url("images/css/sprite_gradients_vb.png") repeat-x 0px -50px;
/*-- category title text --*/
.forum-list-container .category-header .category{color:#fff!important;}

/*-- category 2nd row, last post, topic post count --*/
.forum-list-container .forum-list-header{height:25px;line-height:25px;}
.forum-list-container .forum-list-header .header-forum {border-left: 0px!important;}
.forum-list-container .forum-list-header .header-lastpost{border-right: 0px!important;}

/*-- forums bordering --*/
.forum-list-container {
border: 1px solid #c4c4c4;
border-top: 0px solid #c4c4c4;
box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #ddd;
have fun.
style xml included.
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