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vBulletin 5 AdminCP CSS "Updated" 1.00

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vB Version: 5.1.1
This is an "updated" version of the AdminCP CSS, that includes some zebra striping, and other issues that had been bugging me.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

We'd like to implement some of this stuff, but wanted to get general feedback first.

  1. Added a border to options, to help it read/flow better
  2. AdminCP news buttons changed to not make the text look off center
  3. Added backgrounds in several places, so if images can't or don't load for some reason it still is readable.
  4. Added a custom background for alt2 so it looks better.
  5. Changed the background for tfoot, to help it stand out better.
  6. Modified tcat background to stop repeating on y
  7. fixed some tcat links being a very dark blue.
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