Beta Vehicle Timeslip and Dyno Add-on for Showcase 2.0.0

Allow members to add their vehicle timeslip data to their Showcase entry.

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    Showcase 2.5.0
    Visible Branding:
    This timeslip add-on allows members to add their vehicle timeslip data to their Showcase entry. This add-on is based oncode posted by @MattW and requires that Showcase 2.5.0 or greater be installed.

    Timeslips are sorted by the 1/8 MPH ET and this field must contain an entry to appear in the timeslip table. Entries in the table can be sorted by clicking on the headings and the table uses the same view permissions as Showcase. The table is built using Google Charts and is not responsive.

    Timeslip details shown in Tab #5 (Not all fields are shown in this example).

    Prior to installing this addon, ensure that you have a complete database backup. Test and configure this add-on in a test environment first!

    This add-on will create the following Showcase custom fields in the Showcase Tab #5.
    • Vehicle
    • Engine
    • Modifications
    • Induction*
    • Transmission*
    • Tires*
    • WHP*
    • 60 ft ET*
    • 1/8Mile ET*
    • 1/8Mile MPH*
    • 1/4 Mile ET*
    • 1/4 Mile MPH*
    • Timeslip Video Link
    • Timeslip Image Link
    • Race Weight
    • Density Altitude
    • Track Name
    *These are mandatory fields and are required by the add-on. The rest can be deleted.

    Once the timeslip add-on is installed, go to the Showcase category(s) and configure tab #5. Give it a name and un-check the “Enable Editor”.

    Add the newly created custom fields to the category.

    Pagination is set in the options

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