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Burning Board 3.1 / WCF 1.1
WBB Portal 2.2.5 "Gawain"

The all new WBB-Portal 2.2 is a joint project between Alexander Ebert (dtdesign), Christoph Krebs (-noone-) and Martin Schwendowius (Sani9000).

The Portalpage represents users all relevant information about your forum and enables the administrator to easily manage it's modules using an intuitive user interface. With just as little work as neccessary you can inform your users, show surveys and highlight special content.

Due to a massive cutback in database queries, the Portal benefits on the built-in cache system and scales upon your forum's size. In comparison to it's previous version even really big communties may use this Portal without any significant performance loss.

All portalboxes which had been developed for the previous version 1.0.x no longer work with this one. Every developer should be encouraged to update his boxes in order to fit the new API, detailed information can be accessed in the Portal supportforums.

Special thanks

Oliver "Hawkes" Kliebisch for his invaluable actively support.

Informations for developers:

Useful CSS-snippets for the Portal:

(Both documentations may not be available in english language)

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