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Beta What's New Digest 5.0.1

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bugfix: missing use statement in XF\EmailUnsubscribe\Processor

Thanks to @Wutime for finding and reporting this bug!

New in 5.0

Important changes for v5.0:

  • the default option is now to honour the "Receive new and update emails" option in user preferences. You will need to turn this off in the settings to retain the current behaviour.
  • if you use either of my SparkPostMail addons (v1.x or v2.x), you must install the What's New Digest adapter for SparkPost addon - some integration functionality has been removed from this addon to the separate adapter addon to maximise compatibility across XF versions.


Widget hints:
  • To hide the widget from guests - set the Display condition to: $xf.visitor.user_id
  • To hide the widget from guests and from users who have already opted in - set the Display condition to: $xf.visitor.user_id && !$xf.visitor.Option.whatsnewdigest_email

2. Add any HTML to the top or bottom of emails:


Note that the default mail setting is to have a 600px maximum width with a 10px padding, so any image you include must be no wider than 580px - unless you adjust the email width.