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This plugin enables X-Sendfile support for filesystem downloads in the Invision Power Suite.

In short, X-Sendfile is a way of allowing PHP to tell your web server to deliver files to the client after proper authentication checks, logging and other application logic has been performed.

This is far more ideal than forcing PHP to handle file transfers directly, as your web server is much more efficient in regards to handling static file transfers.

For more information on X-Sendfile and instructions on how to install/enable it on your web server, please refer to the following guide:
Setting up X-Sendfile with IPS

How it works

IPS4's framework makes enabling X-Sendfile support incredibly easy. This plugin works by hooking into the FileSystem class and overriding the method that normally reads and prints files out in PHP. This offers universal X-Sendfile support everywhere in the suite with just a few lines of code, including attachment and IDM downloads.


  • Download sessions can not be utilized when using X-Sendfile. This means you can not restrict the number of concurrent downloads a user can make in the IPS Downloads application.
  • Download speed throttling is only supported when using Nginx.

This projects Github page can be found here:
FujiMakoto/IPS-X-Sendfile · GitHub
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